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Yearbook solutions continues to guide you through the yearbook process with our online ordering system. Choose from the options above to easily make your reservation, upload your completed books, and check the status of your order. Site registration is required, so if you have not registered, please contact our Customer Service Managers for a log-in and password 877-543-9742.

  • Unlimited Print Capacity
  • Books guaranteed to ship within 4 business days upon final sign off
  • Easy to use software featuring Lumapix and Pixami
  • Soft, perfect bound and hard cover options
  • Great prices
  • Flexible options

To download desktop software of Lumapix YearbookFusion,
visit http://support.lumapix.com/yearbook/tutorials-2/

To access an online version of Lumapix YearbookFusion,
visit http://support.lumapix.com/yearbookweb/tutorials/

To view a demo of Pixami,
visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jo1xWZSH-HU&list=PL9UJfFPC22i_0netK2R8xgyPmio7icvp7&index=4


For more information call us at 1-877-543-9742